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Mint Vine is a brand new and exclusive paid survey site that offers you the chance to earn money for giving your opinions, taking polls, referring your friends and taking part in their brand new Mint Roll survey section. Payments are sent quickly and conveniently once you have reached just $10 in your account via Paypal.

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Mint Vine is a brand new and exclusive paid survey site that offers you the chance to earn money for giving your opinions, taking polls, referring your friends and taking part in their brand new Mint Roll survey section. The site is very different to other market research sites as it offers high rewards for shorter surveys, a low minimum payment and fast payments within hours rather than days.

How to Get Started: To open an account with them simply visit the site and fill in the required details. You can also register using your Facebook account details as they are a registered Facebook partner. Once you have registered you must confirm your email address and you can log straight into your account. For successfully registering with them you will get 200 points ($2) added straight into your account to get you started.

Once you have logged in you can complete the profile surveys which are found in the profile section within your account. These will take around an hour to complete but are well worth doing as it will help Mint Vine to match you up with available surveys. For completing all the profile surveys including the bonus ones you will get an additional 510 points ($5.10) added into your account.

You can also complete polls from your account. These polls usually comprise of a question and 2 possible answers. For each poll that you complete you will get 5 points added instantly onto your balance.

When a survey becomes available you will be notified by email. The email will contain how long the survey will take, how many points you will receive and the link to get started. Once you have completed each survey your points will be added onto your balance but you will have to wait up to 14 days to be able to claim them.

Mint Roll Surveys: They have a brand new section called the Mint Roll. The Mint Roll surveys are based on your behaviour as well as your opinions. For each one of these you are rewarded with 200 points. ($2) Each one only takes up to a maximum of 7 minutes to complete. When these type of surveys become available they can be found in your account area.

Payments: Once you have accumulated 1000 points in your account and they are no longer pending you can redeem your points for a $10 payment. This will be sent in cash directly to your Paypal account with just 24 hours.

Referring Friends: To earn more points you can refer your friends to the site. For each friend you refer you will be paid 15% of whatever they earn at Mint Vine. You will also receive an additional 100 points for every 2 friends you refer to the site.

Contact Details: You can contact them through their ‘contact us’ page on the site

Age / Country Requirements: You can be any age to join the site but anyone aged 18 and under must have parental / guardians permission. You must be resident of the UK to join.

Overall we would say that Mint Vine is a really good up and coming survey site that has a lot of potential. As well as offering fast payments, a low min payment there is also many different ways for you earn money making them one of the best survey sites we have seen for a while.

Our Rating: 5 / 5

8 Comments/Reviews

  • Moira J. Hawk says:

    Sounds interesting , but I’m old , and have very few computer’s experience , is it really difficult to do ???? Thanks , Moira

    • onlycash says:

      Hi Moira,

      Anybody of any age and with any experience can take paid surveys and make a little extra money. Mintvine is especially easy to use as the site is so user friendly!

    • Mike says:
      5 stars

      I am as old as dirt but find Mint Vine easy to use.

  • Carolyn Heyen says:

    I’m a member of Mint Vine & have accumulated enough points to cash out, but keep getting the message “your account is not eligible to withdraw from”. I don’t understand this since I have withdrawn before with no problem. I have e-mailed them until I am “blue in the face” & still no explanation or resolution. I really want to contact whoever is in charge. Can you help me with this? Thank you.

    • onlycash says:


      You cannot withdraw until your pending points have been approved. So although you have enough points in your account they must be approved before you can make a withdrawal. If you have any problems you should email the Mintvine customer support team. They will usually get back to you fairly quick!

  • Joanna says:
    5 stars

    Deffo one of the best survey sites out there. Been a member for about 6 months now and already claimed at least $50 in cash to my Paypal. Deffo reccommend!

  • NiftyNicci says:

    Mint Vine are a complete waste of time! I can’t understand the good star rating given here. They continuously screen you out, even after you’ve started a survey, and I don’t have time to waste being sent round the Survey Funnel Fire nonsense only to be shown a boy on a bike having dropped the ice cream from his ice cream cone, with the acccompanying message “Oops'” Would not recommend them to anyone.

  • Tim Brierley says:
    5 stars

    I disagree ive been a member of Mintvine for a few years now and have been paid literally hundreds of pounds from them. The key is to keep going and not loose patience when you see the ‘oops’ message. All survey sites screen you out and this one is no different. Also referring your friends helps to up your balance.

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